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1.   Amlendra kumar yadav,   Jan 11,2008
Me amlendra kumar yadav of 2004 batch studying in chongqing medical university, chongqing ,PR China
2.   Mika Shakya, 2003 Batch, Chongqing Medical University, China,   Dec 25,2007
REC put me at one of the renowned medical universities in China–Chongqing Medical University. During my studies in China REC took full responsibility for caring me. I like to give my special thanks
3.   Devinder Thapa, Ph.D. Student/Researcher ,   Dec 25,2007
REC put the entire efforts to turn my dreams into reality.I am doing my Ph.D.at AJOU. Meanwhile, I received Korean Government Scholarship along with AJOU scholarship. I am impressed with REC's service
4.   Ashish Khanal, Diploma in Hospitality Management, Global College, Sydney, Australia ,   Dec 25,2007
I’m now studying in Australia. Without REC’s help I wouldn’t have been here. To me REC is a professional consultancy and its team does everything carefully.Thank you so much for your right guidelines
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