I am a new student and need help selecting courses for further studies abroad. Is there someone who can help me?

Yes, our educational consultants will help you determine the right course from a pool of courses offered at various universities and colleges worldwide. You will be able to get the type of course you are dreaming about studying.


Do I have to pay for general information such as which country I should go for my further study, what tests to take, what preparations I need, etc?

Not at all. You can visit our office and quickly get suggestions from our expert staff. 


When do you charge us fees?

We charge fees only when you’re in the admission process. You should register yourself to REC for admission process. You can register yourself filling in visitor’s form. You have the option to fill in our online form.


How much do you charge for your service?

You can visit our office and get all information about the service charges. In case you can’t visit in person, you can call us via our telephone numbers.


Is your company a registered company?

Yes. It is a Nepal Government registered company. We are also registered at Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal. 



I need to know more about REC. Will you tell me about it?

Sure, we are in business for more than 6 years. We have sent many students abroad. Our students study in China, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, UK and in many other countries.



Where is REC exactly located?

REC is in Thamel. If you come from Lainchour, you should go past the Amrit Science Campus and walk approximately 40 meters toward Sorakhutte. Then you will see a crossroad. On the right hand is a way to Samakhusi but you should take the left turning toward Thamel. Just look up, you will see a green board of REC on your left hand within 30 meters from the crossroad.



Why Should I choose REC as my consultant ?

REC is a representative of wide range of universities and colleges worldwide. Our team is experienced in helping students in their admission, visa interview preparation and documentation. And we always believe that proper guidance will lead to a greater success.



I have a question that is not in the list.

Click here to contact us. You will be answered with in 24 hrs.